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Domain Age Checker

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Among many other factors, the age of the particular domain you are using plays a significant role in the ranking system by the different search engines. The more the age, the higher the ranking! And apart from the greater degree of ranking, many other factors also depend on the age of a domain. So, every webmaster should have proper knowledge about his domain/website age and in some cases the domain age of the competitors as well. But how can you get to know about the domain age? Well, you can simply use a tool designated for such purpose named ‘Domain Age Checker.’

At SEO SEO TOOLS, you can use the free tool ‘Domain Age Checker’ which will analyse your website/domain and will calculate the exact active age of such domains. It will calculate from the day of registration to till date activeness. Domain age holds an important place in your income made from your websites or advertisement of your site as well. Also, if you are on your way to purchase a domain, at first, use this tool to check the domain age before proceeding as old domains get a better boost in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, etc.

So don’t wait and just copy paste your domain name in the above box and get your domain’s age checked. Happy Analysing!