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Reverse IP Domain Checker

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Have you ever wondered whether you are using a shared hosting service or not? Or exactly how mane and which domains share the same IP address as you do? We at SEO SEO TOOLS have come up with the particular tool which will help you to find out the above questions. Reverse IP domain checker! With the aid of Reverse IP Domain Checker, you can track down other domains which are sharing the same IP address as you do. And in turn, you will get to know the server name as well.

So, all you have to do is to put your website URL in the above empty box and hit the enter button. After that, it will show the results of other domains that share your IP address if any. Thus by using this tool, you can just figure out which other domains rely on the same server and IP address. And in this way, you can also check whether you share your IP address with any malicious website or not. And if you do, it will seriously affect your page rank. So, checking the Reverse IP domain is necessary on the ground of malware.
So always check whether you share IP address with suspicious domains or not. Happy checking!