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Are you searching for a good MD5 generator online? If so, we at SEO SEO TOOLS have the right tool for you. It is called the ‘Online MD5 Generator’. It is very useful tool to encode any password, credit card numbers, or any other sensitive data in MySQL database. Anyone developing programs on MySQL, SQL, postgress or any PHP or ASP programmers will find this online MD5 generator very useful as they are always in need of such tools while working on programmes.

Basically, MD5 or Message-digest algorithm is a cryptographic hash function that is capable of generating 123-bit hash values. It is mainly used in cases of security integrity. Two MD5 of two different data file cannot be similar, and there lies its significance. In other words, MD5 is used as the fingerprints of any data file. From generating strong passwords to message integrity, MD5 hash has many applications.  It also plays a significant role in detecting data changes as well.

However, MD5 is not an encryption, and it is not a two-way process. Once you have converted a text, you cannot undo it. So, to use this tool, all you have to do is to put the string of text in the above box and generate MD5 texts. Happy generating!