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In the online world, the word ‘malware’ itself works as a nightmare. And the nightmare multiplies when the website is affected by such malware. Malwares are harmful, and it affects the ranking of any page too. So, every webmaster wants to be very careful of any malware but is it possible every time? I guess no. But with an automatic tool, it may be possible. At SEO SEO TOOLS, we have the ‘Google Malware Checker tool’ that will detect whether your domain name has been listed as suspicious by the Google or not.

Basically, this tool works like a security advisory tool that warns you about Google malware and detects whether Google has listed as you a suspicious one or not. Also, it warns visitors from visiting harmful or malicious websites. So, every webmaster is advised to run a check on their websites whether their site is already affected by such malware or not. There are many pages which are malware in disguise. So, our tool is here to give you a security check whether you are on the affected list. Such malware problem can not only affect your website, but it can also affect the ranking of the page too.

So beware of such malware and always run the tool ‘Google malware checker’ for safety. Happy Checking!