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In the world of online era and websites, the speed of every web page matters more than anything else. Every webmaster strives hard at improving the page speed of any particular site. Page speed has a crucial aspect in the view of SEO ranking as well. If your website is exceptionally good, yet it takes the time to load, users may not be that interested in your page. So besides the attempt of making your website useful and exceptional, pay attention to the page speed as well. And for a quick page speed checking, SEO SEO TOOLS has brought the new tool– page Speed checker. With the help of this tool, any webmaster can easily check the speed of his web page.

This tool is free and easy to use. Just insert the URL of your website in the empty box and press the submit button. Within seconds, the tool will show the page speed in columns. It will precisely analyse each and every link to your web page and demonstrate how much they have taken to open.

So, if you are trying to get a higher rank in different search engines, use this tool now to check your page speed. Improve your speed and improve your ranking as well. Happy Checking!