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For every webmaster, it is essential to use a tool for URL encoder or decoder. For the worldwide interoperability, URLs have to be encoded in a uniform manner. And for mapping the broad range of characters that are used in URLs, there are two ways– one, converting the character of strings into a sequence of bytes using the UTF–8 encoding and secondly, convert every byte that is not ASCII letter or digits to %HH. For example, Francois will be encoded as François and vice versa.

At SEO SEO TOOLS, with the help of our tool ‘URL Encoder or Decoder’, you can encode or decode any string of texts by placing them easily in the above empty box. And after you press the enter button, it will be encoded or decoded according to the rules of Uniform recourse Identifier. The encoding system is known as percent-encoding, and the encoding or decoding tool is being used in case of any preparation of data or media, as is often employed in the submission of HTML form data.

So, if you are ever in need of URL encoding or decoding, do not forget to click on the tool in SEO SEO TOOLS, and get your work done easily and at free of cost. Happy Coding!