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For every webmaster out there, XML sitemap is a crucial thing from the viewpoint of SEO score and page ranking.  When the search engine spider crawls up to your site, it searches for the sitemaps and links that have to be included. So, if you want other links and pages to be added, make the sitemap as soon as possible. And if you cannot do it manually, you can automate it with the help of the online tool ‘XML Sitemap Generator’ at SEO SEO TOOLS.

The XML sitemap is also known as Google sitemap as it was created by the Google. Basically, it contains a list of website URLs in the form of XML files. This sitemap informs the search engine spiders that the listed URLs are available for crawling. XML sitemap quickens the work of crawlers, and they get other metadata along with the mentioned URLs. A sitemap is exclusively needed if you want some specific links to be indexed, but they are not linked to your website so that they are not reachable from your site straight away. Sitemap gathers those URLs, and without a sitemap, those URLs are impossible to be found.

So, check this new sitemap tool. It is easy to use and absolutely free of cost. Happy generating!