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The ranking at different search engines depends on various factors, and the code to text ratio is one of such factors. The relevancy of a webpage is calculated by the search engine spiders through the code to test ratio. The websites having higher code to text ratio is likely to have more chances of higher ranking than those who don’t have. Not all search engines depend on this calculation, but most of them do. And as a webmaster, if you have not been paying attention to this particular ratio, the time has come to do that by using the tool ‘Code to Text Ratio checker’ at SEO SEO TOOLS.

The tool is free and very easy to use. You just have to put the complete URL of the website, and this tool will show the percentage of ratio within seconds. Basically, this percentage shows a number of actual texts in a website. The tool extracts the text from paragraphs and anchor text from the HTML codes and makes the comparison. Also, if you have a higher code to text ratio, it will give you the privilege of better on-site optimisation.

So, get your ratio checked now with the help of this tool and improved your ranking by improving the number of the ratio. Happy Checking!