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In the world of SEO, page authority demands a high place. Almost every webmaster has the knowledge about page authority and page authority contributes a lot when the term comes to ranking of any webpage. Page authority can be said to be the heart of SEO. The entire enhancement that is done to a website is solely for the purpose of increasing the page authority, from creating quality content to better link building. However, only an increased page authority cannot build the page ranking of a website, but undoubtedly, it is a strong indicator of general SEO performance.

Page authority is created by MOZ which is the estimated ranking of a particular webpage. A lot of people get confused between page authority and domain authority, but while domain authority decides the ranking for the whole domain or sub-domain, page authority works for the particular page only. So, in the aspect of ranking, page authority has a narrower aspect than the DA. The page authority rank is very important for securing a good position in Google. It has a range from 1 to 100 and higher the page authority, higher the ranking of the page.

So, always track down your page authority as it holds an important position in the SEO scoring. Happy Checking!