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The user visibility of any website depends on the size of the site. The bigger the size, the more time it takes to load. And the more time a site takes to load, the less interested people would be to visit your website. So it is advisable always to limit your page size. And for that end, you can visit the tool ‘Page size’ checker at SEO SEO TOOLS.

With the help of this tool, you can check the size of your page easily. A website can be as small as 12 kb which takes almost no time to get loaded. And the more Medias a webmaster adds to his website, the bigger it gets, and thus it takes more time to open. And if you add videos or any other graphics, it will further take time. So, before blindly putting stuff on your website, always check your page size and decide the fact whether the visitors will be interested in visiting such big page or not. With our Page Size Checker tool, you can easily check your website page and can limit the size. The tool will show the size in KB and Bytes. So, check your page size now and improve your page. Happy Checking!