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As a webmaster, have you ever wondered what does a search engine spider see when it looks at your website? I guess, this is a peculiar common question that should come to everyone’s mind. It may seem that it is not possible to get that perspective. And if you think that too, I must say, you are wrong. With the invention of new tools, everything has become possible, and the perspective of search engine spider is no exception at all. We at SEO SEO TOOLS have brought the Search Engine Spider Simulator tool which will help you to see through the eyes of the crawling spider on your web page.

It is quite evident that a search engine spider does not see what you or your visitors see on your web page. There is some information which cannot be accessed by the search engine spiders. However, search engine spiders rather see your website in a mathematical form– within rows and columns. And with this new tool ‘Search Engine Spider Simulator’, now you can see from the perspective of search engine spider as well. It will help you to understand better about the whole perspective of your website and how to improve the ranking too.

So, do not wait anymore, use this tool at free of cost. Happy Simulating!