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If you are one such webmaster, who does not have the knowledge about his website redirect? If so, check your redirect now. Redirects are an important part of any website as much as the website holds such importance and the better the redirect link, the higher the position will be in the search engine result pages. But it may seem a pretty tough job to get your redirect link to be checked, so here we will provide you with an easy way out. Www, Redirect Checker tool at SEO SEO TOOLS.

With our tool, you can insert your website URL and check what kind of redirect has been used on their sites. This information is also useful for directory owners as they are not always aware of the links used for external sites. And redirect checker provide a webmaster with precise details about the redirect link and they can improve it as well. Whether you use search engine friendly redirection or HTTP Status code 301 vs. 302, the only way to know that is through the Redirect Checker tool.

So, do not wait, get your redirect checked, make your website more user-friendly and improve your rank better in the Search Engine Result Pages. Happy redirecting!