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Online spamming is a serious issue nowadays, with the occurring of this digital era, especially. So, every website owner should be aware of the blacklist and do no such thing as to end up on a blacklist. If you may ask what blacklist is– The blacklist is a list of domains and IP addresses which are reported to be known sources of spam. The Global Reputation Network Blacklist calculates the percentage of unwantedness of any particular emails that has been sent off a known IP address. And if the rate is higher, that particular domain or IP will land up on the blacklist.

So, at SEO SEO TOOLS, we have come up with the tool ‘Blacklist Lookup’, through which you can get to know whether your domain or IP address is on the blacklist or not. Just Copy-paste your URL name and click the result button. Within minutes you will get the answer and the blacklist too. Landing up in a blacklist can affect the reputation of such web page, and it can lower the search engines rank as well. So, if you land up in the blacklist, just know it will take lots of effort to remove it from there.
But at first, be assured that your website or domain is not on the blacklist and for that, you can use our tool ‘Blacklist Lookup.’ Happy Checking!