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Whenever you become a webmaster of your website, dealing with infinite numbers of links daily, becomes a regular thing. And often, you should analyse those links with their anchor texts to ensure that your website is scoring perfectly on the SEO. However, it takes loads of time to examine external and internal links of your site manually, so why don’t to rely on something automatic? At SEO SEO TOOLS, we offer you with the free ‘Link Analyser’ tool, with the help of which you can easily analyse any link attached to your website.

And to get your links examined, you have to insert your site URL in the above little box. After that, the link analyser tool will analyse the external and internal links of the website to generate a list. Basically, it analyses the page and returns to a table containing columns of data, one containing the links and another containing the associated anchor texts. Often hyperlinks are represented as an image, and in that case, the image’s alt attribute will be included in the anchor text. And above all, link analyser tool is essential for checking errors, non-existent of links, etc.

So, sign up now with SEO SEO TOOLS and enjoy the unique tools. Happy Analysing!