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SEO SEO TOOLS provides its users with many free tools, and the Website Screenshot Generator is one of them. It is an easy-use tool with the help of which you can take the screenshot of any internet site. You don’t have to go through the complicated process of saving the screenshot on your device; you just have to check this tool and get your screenshot readymade.

All you have to do is to copy-paste the complete URL of the website you want to take a screenshot of and click the submit button below. Within a second or two, the website screenshot generator tool will display the result i.e. the screenshot of the home page of the site mentioned. Now download it and display it to your users. But this tool can take one screenshot at a time only. Apart from that, it is free, accurate and easy to use. Also, if you want any particular resolution for your screenshot, select the below radio buttons for your desired resolution, and the tool will give you the screenshot of the chosen resolution.

Taking screenshot has never been so easy with any online tool. Manually taken screenshots are not often compact, and sometimes it misses some parts too. But such worries are over with this tool Happy Screen shooting!