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What is my Browser

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It does not matter whether you have an internet connection or not, without the help of a browser, you cannot get the taste of it. And for proper use of internet and every other thing present on the web, everyone needs a proper browser too, with fast speed. However, not every time you get to know whether you are using the updated version of your browser or not, the tool ‘What is my browser’ will come to your rescue at such times.

We at SEO SEO TOOLS, have the tool ‘What is my Browser’ that shows the name of the browser and other information attached to it as soon as you open the tool. You do not have to do anything; just open the tool at SEO SEO TOOLS, and the tool will show you the results. Apart from the browser name, it will also show the browser version, your OS and user agent too. In this way, you check whether you are using the current version of your browser or not. Besides, it will detect other problems attached to your browser as well.

So what are you waiting for? Try out this amazing yet free tool now. Check your browser details, and that will help you to improve your SEO too. Happy Checking!